Why Choose Coaching

There are so many people that want to become healthy and well these days, but they don't have the necessary tools and information to make that possible. Our professional coaches offer the perfect help with motivation, accountability and education that striving individuals need to be successful at achieving their health and wellness goals. As the quote says above, you just gotta keep moving in life and our health coaches will help you maintain just the momentum you need to continue on the road to improvement.

Our Program

Bwell4ever, LLC takes pride in its Health a Wellness coaches who have been trained through Real Balance Global Wellness Services with Dr. Michael Arloski, PhD., PCC (see video below). Our coaches meet with our clients for an initial meeting of 1 hour to assess what the major health needs of the client are. Throughout the following 12 weeks (or 12 sessions), the coach and client meet for 30 minute sessions to follow up on previous goals and set new ones for the following week. At the final session, there is a wrap up and summary of all the goals met and the weeks of progress taken to achieve them. Our clients are happy when they complete our program because they feel more empowered to continue on their own to maintain an ideal state of wellness.

What Makes Us Unique

Health and Wellness coaches have a variety of ways to meet with their clients, some over the phone, some simply do e-mail, while others choose Skype or some other web based program. Though these do have some advantages, we at Bwell4ever value the face-to-face coaching style that has worked so well for our clients in the past. We plan to continue this, however, we always strive to be flexible with clients so we make exceptions when the client has a vacation or traveling plan that inhibits them from meeting in person.

Wellness Coaching Success

Scott Kornblum is the voice of the local radio station in Chattanooga, TN, Classical 90.5 WSMC. Behind the microphone he may have seemed happy, but last year he began to notice some disconcerting aspects of his health. He had been gaining weight the last few years, and had some alarming lab values back in August 2015. At the beginning of 2016, he started contemplating making some much needed lifestyle changes.

It wasn't until he hit an all-time low in April, 2016 that Scott finally began taking steps on his journey to health. In May, 2016, he first met with one of Bwell4ever, LLC's wellness coaches and got the help and motivation he needed to develop his health goals into focused and achievable action steps. After going through the 12 week coaching program, Scott met all of his goals! He truly is an inspiration to his co-workers and community members.

Here are some before and after stats:

                                    Before  (4/8/16)            After  (9/19/16)
Weight:                        225 lbs                        163 lbs  (he lost over 60 lbs!)
% Body Fat:                30%                             19%
Body Mass Index:       32                                25
Blood Pressure:          135/92                         97/64
Glucose:                     126 mg/dL                    80 mg/dL
A1c:                             5.5                               4.9
Cholesterol:                 174                              119
Cholesterol Ratio:        8.7                               3.1
Triglycerides:               1,301                           135

You too can make a difference in your health. Partner with Bwell4ever, LLC's Wellness Coaching Staff to make the most of your health goals. Remember, you are the "Chairman of the Board" of your health. You can decide your health destiny!

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

                         -- Albert Einstein 

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Scott: Before


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