First Aid & CPR/AED Classes 

Our qualified Instructors come onsite to train your employees for CPR & First Aid Certification. We customize our First Aid certification classes based on the nature of your business--specifically for First Responders. This is an extremely beneficial service so that designated employees can be prepared to handle any kind of emergency situation, especially in an industrial setting. Call us to schedule your classes today!


Here are a few of the many things we can offer to your company:

Health & Wellness Coaching


For employees at a higher risk for chronic disease, we offer professional wellness coaching to motivate and inspire them to make better lifestyle choices. This program lasts for 12 sessions (1 each week). 

On-Site Health Assessments


We offer on-site Health Assessments for companies that want to encourage their employees to live healthier. Our professional staff come at your convenience to help your employees Bwell4ever!

Flu Vaccine Clinics


We offer seasonal flu vaccines given on-site for your company's convenience. Please pre-order by contacting us via e-mail or on our office phone at least one month in advance!

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lunch & learns 

Our Wellness Specialists create & present customized, research-based health educational programs for your company associates and employees. These programs include a wide variety of health & wellness topics that are meant to educate, evaluate, and inspire & empower your employees to be healthier! These seminar may be used as a way to earn wellness points or simple as a benefit to working for your company! 

B-12 Clinics 

We offer company & community B-12 Injection clinics. Our medical-grade B-12 dose stays in the blood stream for approximately 30 days and can be administered in the shoulder or hip by our qualified nursing staff. Companies have found their employees benefit from this shot in terms of productivity, energy, sleep, and focus.

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Wellness is not a 'medical fix' but a way of living -- a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of the body, mind and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever.

- Greg Anderson

Custom Wellness Lab Testing

​ We offer a comprehensive list of custom lab tests for hormones, inflammation, vitamins, minerals, and more to your company employees for additional wellness exploration and improvement. This can be offered at least once a month and employees may take lab results directly to their doctor or sign up for weekly coaching with our Certified Health Coaches. Contact us for more information on custom lab testing. 

We are a group of Nurses & Health 
Professionals ​who are passionate about

the health of your company & each

one of your employees!